Finally, Ninetten years of suffering came to an end

I am Mrs. Renu Joshi from Dehradun. Now, I am 44 years old working woman (bank employee). I have been suffering with Migraine for last Nineteen years. Initially it was a normal headache but in past 4-5 years, it became severe. The problem was intolerable, especially in winters due to cold. The pain at this time was severe and no painkillers were effective. During summers the pain intensified due to heat which only reduced after sleeping. The frequency of headache was once a week. I tried various remedies allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic but was not benefited. Regular intake of Dispirin (Aspirin) and other painkillers also failed to help me. I heard about Vaidya Balendu Prakash, who is famous for treatment of Migraine. In December 2008, my husband took me to his clinic where I was examined and treated by his associate Vaidya Naveen Sharma. For one year, I was under supervised medication along with dietary control which I followed sincerely. After one year of treatment, my migraine was under control. Now I feel well. And past two years I have no migraine, but I take precautions and diet control.

Renu Joshi